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With you in Mind Campaign

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It’s World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October 21 and to show how much we care about mental health we are hosting a week long “With you in Mind” campaign running from the 4th - 10 October’s be honest - now is more important than ever to make sure not only your own mental wellbeing is in check but also those around you.   

Whether you are a big business, a small organisation, a group of friends or someone who wants to support family and loved ones, our campaign will give you daily tips and exercises including mindfulness activities, strategies to support those around you and tools and confidence to have difficult conversations.  

Please see below for each days activities and resources.

Monday - #MindfulMonday


To see our resources for Monday please see #MindfulMonday

Tuesday - #ChooseDay

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To see our resources for Tuesday please see #ChooseDay

Wednesday - #WellbeingWednesday

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To see our resources for Wednesday please see #WellbeingWednesday

Thursday - #couragetotalkThursday

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To see our resources for Thursday please see #CouragetotalkThursday

Friday - Tea & Talk

Coffee and Cake

To see our resources for Friday please see #Tea&Talk

Saturday - #Goodtotalk

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To see our resources for Saturday, please see #Goodtotalk

Sunday - #SelfcareSunday

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To see our resources for Sunday please see #SelfcareSunday


Upcoming events

100miles (smaller)


1st October 2021 - 31st October 2021, 12:00

100 Miles In October

Take on our 100 Miles in October challenge to help raise funds for mental health support - you can walk, swim, run or cycle it, all that matters is you're moving. Read more

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