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Wellbeing Awareness Intro

Wellbeing is rather difficult to define in words because its a feeling ... however we all know when we are there and when we are not. 

Scientists discover on daily basis that it's predominantly our lifestyle choices which impact our levels of wellbeing in significant ways. 

Let our facilitator take you on a 90 minute journey to explore ways in which wellbeing can be enhanced leading to a happier and more satisfying life experience. 

Benefits of attending our 90 minutes Wellbeing Awareness Introduction course:

  • understanding what wellbeing is

  • exploring where difficulties in maintaining wellbeing originate from

  • learning which areas impact on wellbeing and why

  • exploring practical strategies to enhance wellbeing

  • implementation plan... taking your new knowledge and turning it into action in your everyday life

  • learning and practising relaxation techniques

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