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Posted: 8th July 2024

The Minds Eye - Doncaster Mind's Art Exhibition

Creativity and Art Making

At Doncaster Mind, image0 (2) (1)we've been supporting people to be creative and make art for many years.

Being creative is proven to improve your mental health - whether it's the process, the achievement or meeting of like minds! Spending time making something new makes a difference. 

Peer Support Sessions. 

Our Peer Support sessions - or Groups as we fondly call them -  through the years have included Art and Craft Groups, Writing Groups, Reading Groups, Story Telling Group, Theatre Groups and Music Groups. 

We work really hard to make art making as accessible as possible - supporting people who think they can't do art, can't write stories or poems, can't afford to do art making.

During Lockdown we did Art Sessions via Facebook Messenger, our Wellbeing Coordinator, Jenni, drove round to everyone's house and did doorstep drop offs with all the equipment to be able to join in these sessions! 

Most recently, we did art making sessions with materials people had laying around the house - from tin can plant pots, to breaking plates and trying Kintsugi.

The Mind's Eye 

The Mind’s Eye is all about celebrating a collection of work from clients, staff and volunteers of Doncaster Mind that capture individual journeys through mental health. 

We've had so many amazing entries of paintings, computer aided design, crochet, poetry, writing... 

Why are we hosting an Exhibition?

Throughout the exhibition, we want to raise awareness and ensure that we spread the word so more people can get the right support.

Everyone’s experience with mental health is different. Let’s raise awareness together and continue breaking down the stigma that surrounds something we all have, whether good or bad. 

When and where 

The exhibition will run throughout August. It’s open to the public and we hope to attract a wide audience throughout the month. As well as artwork and great company, there will be information available about the services at Doncaster Mind. 

Join us at the Exhibition Launch Thursday the 1st August. 2 - 4pm at Art Bomb, Hallgate DN1 3PB.


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