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Mental Health Champions Club @ Doncaster Mind

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We recognize that those who support others need guidance and support too. Mental Health Champions Club is Doncaster Mind’s way of supporting and empowering Mental Health Champions from local organizations so they can support their colleagues in the most resourceful ways possible. Because we are all in this together!

Our aim is to lead the way in promoting good mental health in the organization at a time.

Mental Health Champions Club is an initiative supporting personal growth of our members and, as a result, organizational growth. Our community of Mental Health Champions learn, explore what works, identify what doesn’t work and share ideas of how to make a workplace an environment which supports mental health and wellbeing of employees.

What will you gain from joining our Mental Health Champions Club?

  1. Regular (quarterly) free networking events fostering connection and providing opportunity to share best practice of supporting mental health in the workplace.
  2. Access to free training sessions facilitated during networking events, which will give you tools and ideas on different ways you can support yourself and your colleagues.
  3. Opportunity to discuss challenges faced as a Mental Health Champion with Doncaster Mind team, who not only talk the talk but walk the walk too and have wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to mental health.

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Our first session took place on 26th of January and it was certainly time well spent. We had great discussions, training session, shared what challenges we face and supported each other by offering alternative points of view and practical tips on approaching challenges. 

We also all took a break by participating in mini mindfulness session... for us, Mental Health Champions, it's crucial to lead by example and embody what we preach!  

MHCC April 2022

During second session in April 2022 we were inspired by some great initiatives our members are heading up in their workplaces and had many resourceful discussions on practical ways to support mental health in the workplace.

Our training session was on stress awareness.

Stress is body's innate reaction to feeling threatened or under pressure; it's Mother Nature's gift to ensure our chances of survival or maximised. However if stress remains unresolved over prolonged period of time it could make us ill as our body-mind system does not get a chance to rebalance. We looked into how stress can manifest in our lives (the obvious and not so obvious indicators) and what to do to maintain our body-mind systems in optimal shape.  

Save the date!

Our next event will take place on 15th of May 2024.

You can apply to join our Mental Health Champions Club by filling in the form below.

And if you have any questions before you join… ask away (

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