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Training and Workplace Support

Training and Workplace Support

training statsDoncaster Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Support provides comprehensive, tailored solutions to reduce stress and promote ways to look after well-being and mental health.

Our team of experienced professionals can help create interactive activities, provide mental health well-being training, and support you in developing an individualised well-being strategy that fits your unique workplace setting. With our help, you can create an environment where employees can thrive and achieve success.

Explore Doncaster Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Support below and imagine the difference it could makes for your employees!

cost of poor mental health  Mental Health First Aid Courses

Stress workshops and sessions

Awareness Sessions

Mindfulness sessions and workshops

Bespoke Training

Talks and Public Events

Investment in our workplace support sessions start from £150.00 per session. 

Research indicates that for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, employers could get back £5.30 in reduced absence, presenteeism, and staff turnover. By investing in your training with Doncaster Mind you not only empower you workforce and invest in your company culture but you also support your local community. The great news is that any revenue generated through training allows us to facilitate more fully funded activities for the People of Doncaster.

Thank you for considering us as your training provider!

To contact us about the training session of your choice, please fill in a form below.

If filling in the forms is not your thing and you'd rather speak to someone about your training requirements, please give Ania, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer, a call on 07516 050820.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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