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Peer Support, Guided Learning and Wellbeing Sessions

We've been running Peer Support, Guided Learning and Wellbeing Sessions as part of the Wellbeing Service to support you to feel connected, learn more about yourself and how to take care of your emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

When we receive your referral, we'll invite you to our First Steps Workshop. 

The First Steps workshop is a group activity. It is a chance to try out what it is like to be in a Group environment without having to commit to a 6, 12 or 16 week programme. You can try it out and see if group support is for you, we fill out some mandatory paperwork about how we can best support you, complete some activities in pairs or as a group and then talk about which of the activities you feel would benefit you.

During the workshop we learn about all the different options for support within Doncaster Mind so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is what you want to do. First Steps are always delivered in person so that you can get a feel for how the group support works in action. 

Click here for an exciting programme of wellbeing activities and peer support groups to support your mental health through Doncaster Mind. As things change throughout the year, we'll update the programme and confirm dates so please keep checking back to see what we're doing and what activities may benefit you. 

Wellbeing ACtivities If you would like to enroll on any of these activities please complete our referral form

For further information or to speak with one of the team please contact the Doncaster Mind Wellbeing Team on 01302 812190 or email

Remember, as groups and events are planned in advance they are subject to change. 

Please only attend if you've been invited and by yourself (unless prearranged) as group sizes are limited. 

Writing Group InstagramOur Wellbeing and Peer Support groups change periodically to encourage you to learn new ways to support your mental wellbeing, introduce you to different techniques and find other ways of being taught.

We are really lucky to work with a range of Facilitators who can provide different specialisms to provide this service for you.

Our Wellbeing Groups are designed around activities that have been proven to improve emotional resilience and mental wellbeing. They  fall under the following theme and categories:

Physical Activity - such a yoga, cycling or walking

Nature and Outdoor - such as foraging, mindfulness outside or gardening

Crafternoon - such a painting, photography, writing or papercraft

Mindfulness and Relaxation 

You can see more about our Guided Learning sessions here. To refer yourself click here

Confidence Booster

Dealing with Anger

Getting to know Anxiety

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