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Posted: 25th September 2023

Dilan reflects on her placement at Doncaster Mind

As a second-year psychology student I was seeking an opportunity to gain insightful knowledge about the world of mental health. Being from Doncaster there were limited opportunities and support for students looking for placement. I came across Doncaster Mind in my search, they were immediately accommodating and welcoming.  

From the interview process to my induction and first day everyone was very friendly and understanding. All Doncaster Mind staff immediately made me feel so welcomed to the team. The members of staff were always happy to answer all my questions without passing any judgement or frustration. On my first day, I was shown around the building and introduced to the members of staff who were immediately accommodating and respectful.  

During my 4-month placement I learned invaluable skills and had the opportunity to participate in external training programmes too. I participated in autism training and domestic abuse training which helped me gain knowledge that I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else and its information I can incorporate into my future career. I had the opportunity to work across different teams including the wellbeing and counselling teams. As part of the counselling team, I would help manage the therapy inbox, process referrals, carry out triage calls and be present in interviews for counselling placement recruitment.  

As part of the wellbeing team, I helped plan and run the Crafternoon sessions, helped set up and run the peer support group which was all a confidence booster for my personal development. As well as helping with pop-up events within the community alongside the lovely Wellbeing Navigator Lauren. I also had the opportunity to shadow the anger management course as well as the First Steps workshop. Some other duties involved answering and actioning calls made into the reception phoneline. As well as managing the main office inbox. Everyone was making sure that I was comfortable with carrying everything out and that at no point I felt overwhelmed. Staff did regularly check-in on my wellbeing an immediately dealt with any concerns I raised in a professional way.  

During my time at Doncaster Mind, I have been given the tools to enhance my personal growth. I have become more independent and confident in my work ability. Working here will certainly aid my future career plan of becoming a clinical psychologist. All skills will be transferable across different sectors due to the broad depth of knowledge learned from not only from each department but also from each member of staff.  

- Dilan Aksu


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