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Posted: 3rd January 2023

Peer Support

Peer Support, Group Work and Togetherness

We've been holding Peer Support and Group sessions for many, many years. NHS England describes Peer support as

"...a range of approaches through which people with similar long-term conditions or health experiences support each other to better understand the conditions and aid recovery or self-management."

We know from working with people that often little lightbulb moments come from working in groups - someone else is going through something similar and suddenly you're no longer a 'weirdo' or 'the only one.'! 

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 We've got lots of variety in our sessions from Creative to Active, Outdoor to Relaxing and Thought-Provoking. 

We hope that we've got something for everyone. 

We have Crafternoon to teach you ways to look after your emotional wellbeing through craft. We try something new every 6 weeks. We've tried Journalling, Photography, Explored Working with Paint and even Clay Modelling. 

You'll always leave with a creative way of switching off from your daily stresses. 

Our Peer Support Group meets for 16 sessions and invites new people to join and add to the group every 4 weeks. You will be able to try out new things to improve your mental health, build confidence, challenge patterns that you're stuck in and work with people who are sympathetic, understanding and will be your very own champion as you build resilience. 

We hold Campfire Sessions every week until March 2023. If you'd like to try and understand more about story telling, creating something with other people and spending time bouncing ideas of other people, get in touch to find out how you can be part of our Drama Group run with Theatre Company, Barrel Organ. 

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On Wednesdays, we kickback and relax with a piece of writing and spend time away from the world wondering what it means and why it brings up emotions for us. We spend time learning about our selves and other people - all through a poem or story. I know! Active Peer Support InstaIt sounds too much to be true. Why not join us and find out if this is the group for you.

Wednesday Afternoons are all about learning about how your body moves, releasing those endorphins from moving your muscles and learning about how food can affect your mood. 

If you fancing giving KickBoxing a go - come and join us. We tailor the sessions to your fitness level. 

Friday's we're out in nature. Creating a growing space in our very own Allotment, we grow vegetables, flowers, fruit and create a space to cook them. We're there all year round so come and join us rain or shine - and bring your wellies! 

Of course, that's not all we do! We have courses too! 

Guided Learning

Our short courses and workshops to support you to change the way you think and start building habits you want to have. 

Confidence BoosterConfidence Booster supports you to improve your self esteem, build your confidence and help you to be more assertive. Delivered in groups of up to 12 people with a friendly facilitator. 

Dealing with Anger challenges how we use our communication to speak with others in a more assertive and approachable way as well as looking at what the triggers are for our anger. We work both online and in person in groups of up to 12 people. 

Getting to Know Anxiety takes a look at why we get anxious, what to do when it feels like it's taking over and how to better understand our responses to triggers. 

Feedback Courses

How to refer

To join in with any of these activities, you just need to refer yourself here

Or you can call 01302 812190 or e-mail if you're not sure what help you're looking for. 

The next step is that you'll be invited to an assessment. We know that people can get worried when they hear the word assessment. 

The key thing to remember is that we're not assessing you. We're assessing whether this service that we have is going to provide you with the support that you'll benefit from. 

For our 1-2-1 service, this'll be a chat with the Coordinator for that part of the service (Pauline for Mentoring and Befriending and Julie for Counselling) and for the groups we've just been discussing, that'll be a small group assessment so that you can have a short taster session of what a group runs like with Jenni, our Group Coordinator. 

If you're nervous at any point - just let us know and we'll try to help. 

We look forward to working with you. 

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