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Posted: 6th October 2021

Day 5 - #Tea&Talk - Friday - With you in Mind!

Banner - Day 5Welcome to Day 5 of the “With You in Mind” Campaign to celebrate World Mental Health Day!   

Today is our tea and talk event and we will be meeting with people to talk about mental health and how we can improve this and maintain our wellness whilst enjoying a nice cuppa! 

At Doncaster Mind we love a good cuppa and know how important it is to support each other and sometimes to have those difficult conversations that we were talking about yesterday.  We all know that when the Micro-Stressors are getting us down sometimes five minutes is well spent taking time out and sitting quietly, practicing that mindfulness and having that well earned drink! 

To celebrate World Mental Health Day and to encourage those tea and talks we have invited people into our shiny new building for people to come and see what services we have available and how we can support either yourself, family, friends, colleagues, organisation or groups. 

Our new building has allowed us to have multiple groups on at the same time and for us to create a more relaxing and inviting environment for both our clients, friends and professionals.  We have been working really hard behind the scenes to create this environment whilst ensuring that we are still out there supporting our clients and raising awareness of mental health. 

Waiting Room 3

We are aware that for some people walking through the door for the first time is the hardest thing to do, some people are particular anxious about coming into our building due to the Covid Pandemic and some people don’t like to go anywhere new or different.  To support these people we have prepared lots of videos and guidance on what to expect when coming to our building and how we are ensuring your safety in relation to Covid. 

You can find these videos by following this link: 


If you are unable to make our Tea and Talk drop in event, why not consider holding your own or if you have five minutes spare have one with a family member, friend or colleague and check in and see how they are doing!  Who knows you might just be the person to help support them. 

If you need any further support or help please do not hesitate to contact me on

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